Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gesture Sketches - My first try

Its been a long time I concentrated on drawing, struck up with other personal work... Anyway back to form. This time I wanted to try something new and started browsing for drawing books and methods which led me to learn this new method of drawing. Gesture drawing, when I found this way I was surprised and found it interesting. This may sound funny to many professionals since this method is the basic to start with, but I didnt learn drawing formally and its only through my passion. I love horses and there were many tutorials on horse gesture drawing, so tried some of horses. Asusual i need your critics in this to improve myself. Many professionals tell gesture drawing is what everyone should start practicing and fill their sketchbook. This is also the method many animators, illustrators, cartoonist, graphic designers etc follow. Waiting for your critics... View in all sizes