Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jai Anjaneya - Pencil Sketch

First let me thank all of you for giving your thoughts and time to reply to my earlier attempt to sketch Lord Hanuman in a  different perspective. This time, our regular "Hanuman Ji" whom we have seen all these years in TV serials and movies.

I found this drawing while searching for some rare character illustration of Lord Hanuman, only difference from the original drawing is I changed his weapon (gada) to look circle shape, because the one I used as reference was more looking like umbrella (Thanks to Muthu for giving this suggestion).

I completed this sketch in 4 hours in one full stretch :) earlier had plans to do it in two phases, but once I had the layout, it drove me to complete immediately. Used 4H for layout and 2B 95% for shades and rarely 8B, all Faber Castell pencils..

Friday, January 25, 2013

Lord Hanuman - A different approach

Before you start reading, look at the drawing and try to figure out what I have tried to depict, and let me know your thoughts in comments.

We have all seen modern Lord Hanuman, in TV serials and movies, most of the films have depicted his structure similar to human with monkey face. Actually if we analyze more, Hanuman is actually "The Monkey God", his body should be very similar to monkey with hands almost in the same size like legs, he should be bigger than any human during that historical period. While we characterize him during historical period, I made an attempt to depict his weapon like a bush man's weapon made of stone and wood.

I took 5 hours to complete this sketch, using 4H, 2B, 8B pencils. Now open for your comments :)