Monday, August 26, 2013

Om Nama Shivaya - Pencil Sketch

I am still struggling to get the realism, while drawing face, so mostly I never try sketching portraits. But this time I came across a wonderful drawing using white color pencil on a black medium, not sure it could be chalk also. I was really impressed by that drawing, and had in mind to replicate the same using pencil. And the day came, when I had to gift my friend, who is devotee of Lord Shiva, thought what special I can gift and sketched this.

The original picture I used did not have face, so it was easy for me to replicate the complete drawing without face. Everyone asks me to complete the sketch with face, but I dont want to lose the charm putting in my own creativity :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Reuse Business Cards - Sketching Way

For all these years, I have tried many ways to reuse business cards in some or the other way, and finally found a way to reuse my old business cards. Yes all the drawings posted here are done using black ball point pen backside of my business card.

Hope you all like these sketches :) and am going to continue this series till my old business cards are over.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Alexander, Porus, Bucephalus - The Climax

Bucephalus should be favorite epic character for everyone of every age. He is the majestic horse Alexander the great rode and won his battles. Poor ending was Bucephalus, died on war land fighting against Porus, Indian King who had war elephants. Bucephalus was firghtened, still he managed to continue fighting. If you want Alexander movie, this one last scene where his majestic black beauty jumps over to the elephant.

For a long time, I had this in my back floor to sketch, finally got time to complete this for this weekend. I did not draw this in detail size, this is A4 size and tried to depict the scene to the extent I can. Please your comments are welcome. Used 3B, 4B to complete this sketch.

My other sketch of Alexander taming Bucephalus

Lord Ganesha - Quick Sketch

One another piece of pencil drawing of Lord Ganesha for this weekend, I could not get the complete image from web for reference, so whatever possible I added my imagination and completed the drawing for your comments.

Earlier Lord Ganesh Drawings

Lord Vinayaka (Quick Sketch)
Ganapthi baba mouriya (Detailed one)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Lord Vinayaka - Quick Sketch

This sketch was pretty quick, on a friday night started around 11pm and completed in 1.5hrs. Wanted to start straight away with the darker shades and decided to use only 3B Faber Castell pecil, with very light strokes and then fill up the shades.

Asusual your comments are welcome :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Lord of Dance - Nataraja

Nataraja - in his unique dancing poses are really amazing and mesmerizing. There are lot of thandavam poses and I believe the most familiar one to me is the Anandha Thandavam. I tried sketching the pose in full front view initially, but there seem to be a lot of sketches in front view, so thought why not I try in a different angle, either from top or side or bottom angle. Finally this angle looked great and gave me a divine gigantic feel, and decided to sketch.

After scanning, wanted to give a final touch and added the black borders, like a cinema-scope effect :), now this is my desktop wallpaper.

Used 4H and 2B for this sketch. Please provide your comments on how to and where to improve my sketching skills.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jai Anjaneya - Pencil Sketch

First let me thank all of you for giving your thoughts and time to reply to my earlier attempt to sketch Lord Hanuman in a  different perspective. This time, our regular "Hanuman Ji" whom we have seen all these years in TV serials and movies.

I found this drawing while searching for some rare character illustration of Lord Hanuman, only difference from the original drawing is I changed his weapon (gada) to look circle shape, because the one I used as reference was more looking like umbrella (Thanks to Muthu for giving this suggestion).

I completed this sketch in 4 hours in one full stretch :) earlier had plans to do it in two phases, but once I had the layout, it drove me to complete immediately. Used 4H for layout and 2B 95% for shades and rarely 8B, all Faber Castell pencils..

Friday, January 25, 2013

Lord Hanuman - A different approach

Before you start reading, look at the drawing and try to figure out what I have tried to depict, and let me know your thoughts in comments.

We have all seen modern Lord Hanuman, in TV serials and movies, most of the films have depicted his structure similar to human with monkey face. Actually if we analyze more, Hanuman is actually "The Monkey God", his body should be very similar to monkey with hands almost in the same size like legs, he should be bigger than any human during that historical period. While we characterize him during historical period, I made an attempt to depict his weapon like a bush man's weapon made of stone and wood.

I took 5 hours to complete this sketch, using 4H, 2B, 8B pencils. Now open for your comments :)