Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jallikattu Series

January being the season of farmers in southern part of India, there is celebration for a week. Highlight of the festival season is the Bull Taming (Jallikattu) conducted in various parts of village. Youngsters are lined up not just for the game, but it proves their braveness, ofcourse there are people who jump out of the field. With all these new actions over the internet, why not put them on drawing and here are few of the actions using Charcoal stick as medium.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

"India Today" Coverage - Self Taught Artist

Another exciting moment happened in Dec 2013 was an article covering about "Self Motivated Artist" in India Today. It was a pleasant surprise for us, when reporter and photographer from the Magazine visited us and started interviewing us about our passion. Very happy to see an article covering my photo while sketching during Chennai Weekend Artist's Sunday meet at Queen Mary's College, Chennai.

Mylapore Fest -

Mylapore can rightfully claim to be the soul of Chennai city. Mylapore retains the look and feel of an old neighborhood, the culture and heritage typically south Indian, yet it has not escaped development. This place that is proud of its arts, culture and tradition and people is just the setting for a cultural festival.

Mylapore Festival 2014 happened during 2014 Jan 9 - 12, where Chennai Weekend Artist (CWA) exhibited 100+ original art works from various medium like charcoal, watercolor, acrylic etc. We also had color prints of all sketches priced low next to the originals. First time we tried printing on art board and created photocard. I had 4 of my photo cards on sale during the exhibition. Another great experience starting of 2014.

Highlight of the festival was Water color demo by Nirupam Konwar, Acrylic demo by Jeevanathan.

Flashback - A Tribute to Cinema

I got a wonderful opportunity to participate in Flashback - Tribute to Indian Cinema, conducted by Anna University and Ethiraj College - Media Science department students. They had a collection of 4000+ photographs all related to early cinema history. This was to honour 100 years of Indian cinema history. They had display of projectors, camera, editing machines etc etc as exhibits, it was wonderful to know how cinema evolved and it is now.

Chennai Weekend Artist (CWA) was invited to exhibit sketches of old movies in artistic way, we had almost 200+ entries and 80+ were selected to exhibit, including two of my sketches. It was really a exciting experience and my first display in an exhibition. Puthuyugam TV covered the whole show which happened during last week of December 2013.

Syberian Director Goran Paskaljevic inaugurated the exhibition and other Celebrities like Padmasree Kamal Hasan, Goutami, Nasser, Editor Lenin, Director Ram, Director/Actor Sasikumar, Director Cheran, Director Atlee, Kalaimamani Film news Anandhan, Art Director Mr. Trotsky Marudu and many more visited and wished the students. Happiest moment was when Padmasree Kamal Hassan was looking at my charcoal sketch of Moonram Pirai Scene.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Om Nama Shivaya - Pencil Sketch

I am still struggling to get the realism, while drawing face, so mostly I never try sketching portraits. But this time I came across a wonderful drawing using white color pencil on a black medium, not sure it could be chalk also. I was really impressed by that drawing, and had in mind to replicate the same using pencil. And the day came, when I had to gift my friend, who is devotee of Lord Shiva, thought what special I can gift and sketched this.

The original picture I used did not have face, so it was easy for me to replicate the complete drawing without face. Everyone asks me to complete the sketch with face, but I dont want to lose the charm putting in my own creativity :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Reuse Business Cards - Sketching Way

For all these years, I have tried many ways to reuse business cards in some or the other way, and finally found a way to reuse my old business cards. Yes all the drawings posted here are done using black ball point pen backside of my business card.

Hope you all like these sketches :) and am going to continue this series till my old business cards are over.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Alexander, Porus, Bucephalus - The Climax

Bucephalus should be favorite epic character for everyone of every age. He is the majestic horse Alexander the great rode and won his battles. Poor ending was Bucephalus, died on war land fighting against Porus, Indian King who had war elephants. Bucephalus was firghtened, still he managed to continue fighting. If you want Alexander movie, this one last scene where his majestic black beauty jumps over to the elephant.

For a long time, I had this in my back floor to sketch, finally got time to complete this for this weekend. I did not draw this in detail size, this is A4 size and tried to depict the scene to the extent I can. Please your comments are welcome. Used 3B, 4B to complete this sketch.

My other sketch of Alexander taming Bucephalus

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