Thursday, June 18, 2015

Watercolor Experiment Continues...

My experiment with watercolor keeps continuing, and as I do more and more, the learning is immense and teaches me what to do first and what next, as a step by step approach. Most important it teaches me patience to wait for a day to dry completely and then apply the next layer. This painting was done whenever had some 15-30mins free time, did not do in single stretch. Obviously friends and colleagues in office appreciate, but only I know where the mistakes are :) and ofcourse a professional would easily find them. As always your critics are welcome to improve myself.


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  2. Hi.. Inspired by your exquisite art talent... we from a corporate company, want to have conversation with you.. please send your details to us

  3. Hello - I am interested in some of your sketches & paintings. Please message me if you are interested.