Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sleeping Beauty...... In Progress

Hey Friends, let me start this way, I dont try my hands on drawing portrait, because of spoiling the natural expressions in the face... but was really drove when I saw a painting of a sleeping beauty, so started drawing and its in progress. posting the progress here for your suggestions which I should improve on in this drawing.

Wish me good luck.....

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dancing with Fish - Pencil Drawing

Last Month happened to visit an aquarium exhibition and was impressed with the collection they had. The movement of those fishes looked like they dancing all the time in water. So I decided to bring those dance movements in paper and pencil very quickly. I tried lot of movements of those fishes in various angles and found these to be well done. Posting them for your comments, please do give your credits and critics which drives me more to explore various forms of drawing.

All five sketches were drawn using HB, I didnt use any dark shade pencils, so as not to deviate from those transparent fins. Actually these would be great if drawn using a oil brush in golden orange color, somehow I did not try my hands on colors yet, very soon I may try exploring colors. Wish me luck friends :)

Olympics Shotput 2012 - Pencil Drawing

2012 London Olympics was awesome and the time it started, I was awestruck with those marvelous photographs released by professionals. My mind kept thinking to portrait one photograph from one of those, but was totally driven by Kumki songs and had to draw Kumki movie stills. This weekend had little time to explore other drawing techniques, so took one photograph from Olympics 2012 and did a fast sketch of that.

Finally decided to sketch Latvia's Maris Urtans, because of two reasons, he had tatoo and a beard :) thought they would be difficult to portrait fastly. This sketch took me around 1 hour to complete, I know this is long but am far better than before, compared to more than 5 hours to complete any drawing :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Kumki" Special - Pencil Drawings Part 2

After posting "Kumki Special - Pencil Drawings Part 1", Kumki fever has never gone down, infact it has increased. I am humming Kumki songs whole day, especially "sollitale....". The craze for the movie has gone up after recieving credits from

  • D.Iman, music diector of Kumki - "nice to meet an artist..beautiful no words" 
  • Vikram Prabu - tweeted my drawings to his friends
  • Santhomer, asst director to Prabu Solomon - commented on part 1

Encouragement from my friends and Kumki team drove me more towards Kumki and I finished part 2 with one more drawing from the prerelease stills. There should be more critics for this drawing, please do share them in comments for me to improve next time.

All the best and Kumki team please dont make us wait long for the movie :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Kumki" Special - Pencil Drawings Part 1

Kumki, the name itself sounds different and when browsed to know what it really means, I was attracted to it, may be related to elephants ;) last week happened to see Kumki audio release function in Vijay TV and was carried away by the emotional moments, and today Independence Day Special of Kumki songs in Vijay TV again attracted me more towards the film.

Before even the release, the movie has attracted the audience in mass, am sure this movie is going to be great blockbuster than Myna. How can I stop me from drawing the awesome stills release by Kumki team, and here are two of them drawn on Independence Day holiday watching all TV programmes ;)

Even though I could not bring the exact feeling which the stills revealed, I tried my best to bring out the Kumki stills, few more drawings in progress which I will post very soon, before the film release.

Monday, August 13, 2012

My Fav Technique

Hello friends, after exploring the techniques of pencil drawing like vector, contour, hatching, shading, gesture, scribbling am still not satisfied and keep exploring other techniques. Meanwhile I came across a drawing by Ernst Cole in a academic class, which attracted me very much. It was not gesture nor crosshatch or shading, it was combination of all three to me... so tried my hands on the one which atracted me. Althouh I could not match the original sketch I almost achieved it 90%.

If you notice closely, its pretty much simple with very few lines, but the depth of matter revealed in those lines are tremendous. The expreesion in the eyes, its sharpness and thinking pose... everything has been portraited very well. Rather drawing the complete picture, he most important dark shades are shown exactly and the rest are made with shades and crosshatching. The portrait loks like our great poet Rabindranath Tagore, but I dont know whether it was him because I have not seen this drawing in any site apart from this one academic book. I am planning to draw more with just lines and either shading or crosshatching to reveal the depth of expression.

This may be one form of vector sketches too, but the shading or hatching makes it stand apart from vector.
I used only HB and 2H pencils for this drawing. Asusual want all your valuable comments in improving myself.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pencil Drawing - Female Model

Friends, after a long time am posting my latest drawing, that too first time in my blog with step by step explanation of my own drawing. Soon am planning to post video of my drawing steps so it is more clear. This time I tried a female model posing on a sofa for fashion photograph. The original picture I found somewhere in flickr, could not get the link now :( so these are the steps I followed for the drawing. Asusual need your valuable critics to improve myself
Step 1: First I got the gestures correct, i mean the outline of the whole picture. The proportion of the figure matters for any human drawing, rest all comes next. This drawing looks something like taken from lower angle, so the legs looks very very little big than the top part of the figure. I used 4H to draw the outline of this drawing. then wherever i knew there would be shadows I used HB to mark them permanant. I can draw the eyes well compared to the whole face, so I just made the eyes initially to get the photography pose feel of the model.female model on sofa - Step 1
Step 2: Next I started with the shading of the drawing, actually not drawing, but its darken the places where shadows are. I started with the clothes because its what we draw and the viewer cannot visualize how it would be in real, but the face is not like that, everyone of us know how a human face is and we have to careful in portraiting human face. I use 6B and HB to darken the clothes line.female model on sofa - Step 2
Step 3: So I completed drawing the darker shades of dress and then started with the hairs, it was pretty simple, because the model has black hairs, drawing blonde hair is difficult to get that shiny blonde feel. but this was ok, since she also had a cap, so dont have to struggle lot. Then slowly finished shading the nose shadows and outline of the lips to get a feel of the model before moving to other part like hands legs and the sofa she sits in.female model on sofa - Step 3
Step 4: I finished the hands and legs and started with shading of the cheeks and upper lips. Slowly shaded the face for a long time till I get the model's face as it should be, but took a long time. Dress needs some 10% more work on the darker shades.female model on sofa - Step 4
Step 5: Got the complete drawing finally. Took me around 7-8 hrs to finish this, am not a professional so took this long, but I would say, if i practice this kind of drawing weekly once, then I can make it fast after 10 such drawings.female model on sofa - Step 5