Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Kumki" Special - Pencil Drawings Part 2

After posting "Kumki Special - Pencil Drawings Part 1", Kumki fever has never gone down, infact it has increased. I am humming Kumki songs whole day, especially "sollitale....". The craze for the movie has gone up after recieving credits from

  • D.Iman, music diector of Kumki - "nice to meet an artist..beautiful no words" 
  • Vikram Prabu - tweeted my drawings to his friends
  • Santhomer, asst director to Prabu Solomon - commented on part 1

Encouragement from my friends and Kumki team drove me more towards Kumki and I finished part 2 with one more drawing from the prerelease stills. There should be more critics for this drawing, please do share them in comments for me to improve next time.

All the best and Kumki team please dont make us wait long for the movie :)


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