Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pencil Drawing - Female Model

Friends, after a long time am posting my latest drawing, that too first time in my blog with step by step explanation of my own drawing. Soon am planning to post video of my drawing steps so it is more clear. This time I tried a female model posing on a sofa for fashion photograph. The original picture I found somewhere in flickr, could not get the link now :( so these are the steps I followed for the drawing. Asusual need your valuable critics to improve myself
Step 1: First I got the gestures correct, i mean the outline of the whole picture. The proportion of the figure matters for any human drawing, rest all comes next. This drawing looks something like taken from lower angle, so the legs looks very very little big than the top part of the figure. I used 4H to draw the outline of this drawing. then wherever i knew there would be shadows I used HB to mark them permanant. I can draw the eyes well compared to the whole face, so I just made the eyes initially to get the photography pose feel of the model.female model on sofa - Step 1
Step 2: Next I started with the shading of the drawing, actually not drawing, but its darken the places where shadows are. I started with the clothes because its what we draw and the viewer cannot visualize how it would be in real, but the face is not like that, everyone of us know how a human face is and we have to careful in portraiting human face. I use 6B and HB to darken the clothes line.female model on sofa - Step 2
Step 3: So I completed drawing the darker shades of dress and then started with the hairs, it was pretty simple, because the model has black hairs, drawing blonde hair is difficult to get that shiny blonde feel. but this was ok, since she also had a cap, so dont have to struggle lot. Then slowly finished shading the nose shadows and outline of the lips to get a feel of the model before moving to other part like hands legs and the sofa she sits in.female model on sofa - Step 3
Step 4: I finished the hands and legs and started with shading of the cheeks and upper lips. Slowly shaded the face for a long time till I get the model's face as it should be, but took a long time. Dress needs some 10% more work on the darker shades.female model on sofa - Step 4
Step 5: Got the complete drawing finally. Took me around 7-8 hrs to finish this, am not a professional so took this long, but I would say, if i practice this kind of drawing weekly once, then I can make it fast after 10 such drawings.female model on sofa - Step 5