Saturday, July 7, 2012

Spiderman Series - Pencil Sketches

spiderman series 1 spiderman series
Season of Spider Man 3D, theaters are all full and everyone's favorite character is back amazing this time.... so thought why not I draw spider man in different poses. One easiest thing in drawing spiderman is, we do not have to concentrate on face and expression, its simple ovals for eyes, no nose and no mouth.. very simple isnt it :) that is one another reason to draw.

Childrens can be trained easily to draw spiderman, simple techniques are all around internet. Only the proportions are important and difficult to draw, once they are outlined, rest is simple shading and there is no such thing like dark and light shades. I missed the proportion in one of the four poses, thighs are little big which screwed up the drawing. Asusual waiting for your critics :)

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  1. Hey, I recognize one of those poses! As you mentioned, the proportions are often the most difficult part to keep in check. One thing you could try is drawing it on tracing paper, then laying it over the original drawing to see what the differences are. I would also try drawing your own hand in the classic "thwip" pose to get some new and interesting angles. Good luck!