Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cross hatching technique

Cross hatching is another technique I learned in the past months... really easy but we have to careful where to use dark hatch and where to use light hatch... Tried few from samples got from web, later I tried some from model photographs. Few of the samples I tried from web are posted... as usual need your critics :) I think the pencil also makes difference in this cross hatching technique. Am just using HB pencil, which is where am making mistake I think. Going to browse more on this technique and the paper, pencil which should be used at what places and try some more.... View in all sizes


  1. I do not think you are really making a mistake as these drawings I think are very good. There are so many techniques to cross hatching and none are wrong. Personally I prefer to use pen when doing mine. Here is my cross hatching tutorial it is a simplified explanation of how I do my drawings, but I find the technique works for anything.

  2. I like your work quite alot....and though we all have our differrent styles of cross-hatching.... I sketch the hair by using almost parallel lines that run 'along' the hair.. I've seen this to give better and more realistic look to the hair (and the white portions describe the 'shine'.. I only overlay parallel and perpendicular lines where I want the hair to be more 'puffy'.... I really like the way you made the necks in these....... overall nice work and do practice tihs is quite an interesting form of art...

  3. thanks a lot for your comments... nd am practising daily...