Saturday, July 7, 2012

Female Portrait Series - Part 1

cross hatching female model 6
Now starts the most interesting series, atleast for me... yes Portraits, which I lag a lot in finishing it in correct proportions. Practice makes man perfect, (ofcourse women too ;) ), so I started practicing portraits atleast one daily. Drawing portraits is itself an art, getting the correct proportions, the cheeks, lips nose eyes, which when drawn in correct proportion brings the portrait complete. Another difficult one in drawing portraits is hair, which needs seperate training all together.

My first series on portraits, which needs your critics for improvements. It would be great if you can share the paper medium and pencil you use for drawing portraits, which also helps me. Once I get the portraits well, I will also share step by step of each portrait.

I first start with the outline, which is to get the gesture correctly, then slowly finish the face elements, eyes, lips, cheeks, and nose finally..... then slowly cover others in detail. Waiting for your critics as usual :)


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