Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jai Anjaneya - Pencil Sketch

First let me thank all of you for giving your thoughts and time to reply to my earlier attempt to sketch Lord Hanuman in a  different perspective. This time, our regular "Hanuman Ji" whom we have seen all these years in TV serials and movies.

I found this drawing while searching for some rare character illustration of Lord Hanuman, only difference from the original drawing is I changed his weapon (gada) to look circle shape, because the one I used as reference was more looking like umbrella (Thanks to Muthu for giving this suggestion).

I completed this sketch in 4 hours in one full stretch :) earlier had plans to do it in two phases, but once I had the layout, it drove me to complete immediately. Used 4H for layout and 2B 95% for shades and rarely 8B, all Faber Castell pencils..


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