Sunday, February 10, 2013

Alexander, Porus, Bucephalus - The Climax

Bucephalus should be favorite epic character for everyone of every age. He is the majestic horse Alexander the great rode and won his battles. Poor ending was Bucephalus, died on war land fighting against Porus, Indian King who had war elephants. Bucephalus was firghtened, still he managed to continue fighting. If you want Alexander movie, this one last scene where his majestic black beauty jumps over to the elephant.

For a long time, I had this in my back floor to sketch, finally got time to complete this for this weekend. I did not draw this in detail size, this is A4 size and tried to depict the scene to the extent I can. Please your comments are welcome. Used 3B, 4B to complete this sketch.

My other sketch of Alexander taming Bucephalus


  1. thanks Murali, yeah great scene from that movie, which was there in my mind for long time