Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Anatomy in Drawing - Wierd analysis

Many of us have heard of hidden text or hidden images, but it was a surprise to me when I read this article. Really wierd one...

It was only after reading this article, I came to know about Michelangelo (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michelangelo). I have seen many of his paintins, ofcourse not directly, but while browsing, but was really surprised to know about him. He is real genius to do such paintings.

The article which I was talking about is (http://journals.lww.com/neurosurgery/Fulltext/2010/05000/Concealed_Neuroanatomy_in_Michelangelo_s.1.aspx?WT.mc_id=HPxADx20100319xMP), where deep analysis were done on his paintings to find that he has implemented the structure of brain in his paintings. The actually dissected the brain to learn its structure and implement them in his paintings, ofcourse hidden, until otherwise we read this article.


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