Friday, July 1, 2011

Scribbling - Awesome creativity

Hereafter do not complain your kid is scribbling in papers, it could rather end up in new way of drawing. One such artist who only scribbles in papers has developed skills in drawing whatever he see with just lines scribbled randomly. There are many lessons to be learnt from the drawings posted below. If you see, dark places the artist did not use lines, instead he has used black color totally, and in places where light is required he used very minimal lines. Shadow in most places are too much messy lines or black shades.
  • Keep in mind that a scribbler isn't just creating random lines and loops. He is practicing what it's like to communicate on paper. He might not want to let others see his efforts if, for example, an older sibling talks about scribbling in an insulting way. You can help by talking about his scribbles as "working on your writing."
  • Encourage scribblers to use their scribbling skills during dramatic play to make signs, play money, or pretend mail.
  • Talk to a child about her scribbles. You might ask, "How did you get the crayon to make that line?" "What did you think about saying?" Comment about marks she has made: "That one looks like the D in De'andre's name." "Did you enjoy making all those swirls?"
  • If a child shows you some scribbles and asks you, "What did I write?", you might try asking him, "What do you want it to say?" or "What were you thinking about when you were working on it?"

Hope this starts a new drawing technique among youngsters. Some web resources on scribbling

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