Saturday, September 8, 2012

ArtJam @ Valluvar Kottam - 2 Sep '12

ArtJam, is a meetup of artists in neighborhood. Thanks to Muralidharan Alagar, who initiated this in Chennai for the first time @ Valluvar kottam on September 2nd. I was hungry for such a meet long time and it happened, so I immediately attended and learned a lot of information. It was a mix of experts and beginners like me. Very delighted to meet the group
Learnings from the meet
  • Anatomy - any portrait requires anatomy to be satisfied at first point, SugumarJe adviced me to just work on anatomy for 3months, without going into shading, starting from face to whole body
  • learned about gsm and the kind of papers(130,150,200) to be used
  • learned about pencils, and brands like steadler, faber castell 6 pencil set, graphite and charcoal pencil (thanks to Prabha madam for sharing her pencil)
  • discussed about riven phonics drawing video tutorials, complete set of more than 150 chapters and planned to buy it online.
Thanks to
  • Murali for the wonderful initiative and his 25 years experience sharing. Thanks also for the snacks ;)
  • SugumarJe for his caricatures to everyone of us who met and the public who visited and the security men as well :)
  • Thanks to Padma, Ganapathy and Kannan for sharing their experience
Clicks @ ArtJam
more photos in facebook profiles....


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