Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ganapathi baba mouriya....

Hello friends, after almost a month am posting my new drawing. I started drawing on Ganesh Chathurthi, thought I would complete it on same day and wish my friends. Unfortunately I could not and it took more time than I expected :( almost 12hrs in 4 days. Finally I finished and posting for your feedback.

After getting into ArtJam, I bought sketchbook, until then I used to draw in normal paper. Thanks for ArtJam to encourage me buy my new Classmate A3 sketchbook 140gsm and Faber Castell 6 drawing pencils.

"Pillayar Suzhi pottu aarambikanum... " (start with blessing of Lord Ganesh) matching this, and Ganesh chathuthi, I was inspired to draw Lord Ganesh first in my sketchbook.

Am more excited to meet artist in ArtJam @ Cholamandal Artist Village and get their feedback in improving this drawing.
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  1. Wonderful work and amazing details!
    You will have his blessing for sure!

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  3. A great article you post here. I appreciate your writing.

  4. lovely work.. amazing details..:) - suresh seenu